"... I AM A SWAMI "  

( www.meditate - celebrate.com) Vinod with Rekha Purie, Kul Bhushan & Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Vinod Khanna seeks the blessings of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi at the Shanmukhanda Hall after the singer''s"Tapasya'' performence (http://indiatimes.com)

Osho World presents a set of Osho Books for the Parliament Library to the Hon'' Speaker Shri Manahar Joshi . August 2002

Vinod with Ma Yoga Nilam (http://www.meditate-celebrate.com)

Vinod Khanna joins a group of Osho Friends International in New Delhi to demand the restoration of Buddha Hall Dhyan Mandir at Osho Commune in Pune

Kavita Khanna

( www.meditate - celebrate.com) Union Home minister L.K.Advani & Vinod Khanna meditating at the Osho World Gallery, 2001.

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